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Now with fascia tears…

on September 16, 2015

Sometime in January, I don’t even know how or when, I injured myself. Thought it was just a muscle strain, but it didn’t respond well to ibuprofen or ice or rest or anything… and me being me and not liking doctors, I just ignored it and kept training (intermittent though it was). And it didn’t just up and get better like I’d hoped. Some things it seems you can’t train through…

I finally went to the doctor today. Fascia tear. In the one from ribs to hip. Boo, hiss. As soon as he said that, I realized it made a lot of sense and explains all the symptoms. I go back on Monday for an ultrasound, which will hopefully determine if I need surgery to fix it.

On the plus side, he did say I could keep working out (and he’s the doc who saw my shoulder, so he knows what’s up), so long as I don’t do things that hurt it. On the down side, most everything can hurt it…


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