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"Be gentle, kind and beautiful, yet firm and strong, both mentally and physically." ~Sensei Keiko Fukuda

Now with shiny!

on September 15, 2015

I finally replaced my ailing laptop, now with a shiny iPad – and WordPress app!


Both Jen and Janet were unavailable for the Women’s Class on Saturday, and I was already planning to come in, so I taught triangles. Then at Open Mat, I intended to leave early, but that would’ve left an odd number, so I rolled with Tim. (So much squishered.) Then two more rounds with other folks.

Monday night

A day that started cool turned muggy and icky by class time. No breathing for you. Warmup, then King of the Hill with half the class out, pass vs. sweep/submit. Somewhere in there, I got dizzy but did make myself continue, not that any of it was pretty.

Drilling was standing guard break. By then I decided to just watch/help. Second class started and continued with the actual pass off the break. Also just watched/helped.

Then rolling started and I decided to make an exit. Robert said, “Will you roll with me before you go?” Weeeeeeeellll– Okay. Then we have a new black belt who just moved to the area (yay!); though he’s actually been here for a few months, last night was the first time I could roll with him, and I certainly can’t pass that up, now can I? And then one of the ladies is starting to prep for a tournament, so Andrew asked me to do a high-intensity roll with her. Um, I don’t have have any high-intensity left, but sure. (I need to get back in shape so I can be a good training partner there.)

So sure, I’ll leave early… after I finish these three rolls. 😛


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