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Welcome Back! Now run the warmup…

on August 31, 2015

I got to class!

Tons of people there tonight. A lot of new faces, with the universities starting back. We were all out on the mat loosening up and talking, while Robert, the instructor for the evening, was in the back signing up the new folks who kept coming in. At one point he poked his head out, looked at me, and said, “Can you start the warmup?”

Who, me? *looks around* Oh, I am somehow the ranking student on the mat. o.0 “Suuuuuuure….” How does this go again?

I did remember enough to get us through the around-mat jogging part and onto the wall for drills. Though I wasn’t sure how long Robert wanted us to go, so turned it back over to him when he finished up.

First class was drilling a butterfly sweep, and I was forgetting all sorts of important details that I normally remember. Second class started off with rounds, in two waves (colored gis and white gis — it actually worked out evenly). Then Justin taught taking the back for the choke off that sweep.

By then, though, the weeks off had made their presence fully known. I did a few reps with my partner, then bowed out. Got home, and my face and feet are so very red from rubbing against gis all night. Also lots of bruising around my upper arms. Hello, again, jiu-jitsu, my old friend!


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