One more again

Jen and Janet are both out of town this weekend, so I needed to teach but don’t have a key to the academy to open up in the morning, so had to stop by class last night after work to pick up a spare. And decided that since I was there (and had missed both Monday and Tuesday for stupid reasons) that I might as well at least do the warmup. And then the warmup was very short and then straight in to rolling and so of course I ended up staying for 2 hours. Like ya do.

This morning I was anticipating having the new girl back and so was prepared to teach super basics, but instead it was just me, 2 of the blue belt women, and one of the kids. So we worked the reverse de la Riva sweep from last night, with minor tweaks for gi. Justin had also shown up early, so he helped out on parts that my brain hadn’t picked up on last night and also showed us how to turn it into a semi-back take/bow-and-arrow set up. I stayed for a couple of rolls in Open Mat, and then came home to weed the flowers (yet again) and now I need a nap.


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