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"Be gentle, kind and beautiful, yet firm and strong, both mentally and physically." ~Sensei Keiko Fukuda


on July 7, 2015

Still on about 1 day/week training. P.S. this sucks. Though one interesting side effect is I get to see the leaps and bounds that people take. For instance, last night, rolled with one of the ladies who’s been training a while. And zomg, she done got good! I was grinning the whole time because it was such a change from her first time at jiu-jitsu. She was going after stuff, it was great.

A bit later I was sitting out (cuz wow out of shape) and mentioned to Tim that she might be ready for a blue belt. He nodded and said, “Tonight.” So I hung around a little longer than I normally would to see that. More women with colored belts! It’s great!

I also rolled with a couple of new guys. One thought he could just clamp on my leg in half guard. Darlin’, we just worked half-guard passes. So no. The other was actually doing a good job of being calm and collected, though he was completely befuddled by spider guard, finally saying, “It’s like fighting someone with four arms!” Yup.

Today I am bruised all over (likely from the lady, lol). And sore, from so much standing passes.


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