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Now with more not training!

on April 21, 2015

There may have been some mention a few weeks ago that my time should be freeing up to train more… Ha, NOPE. The things that should have been easing up at work did so… for about 2 days. Then I’ve been staying late again to write more tests, fix more tests (“You can’t write tests that run with the default values because caching/reasons.” “But I run the tests with the default values, and then I change them.” “But caching…” “But I change them!” “…” nevermind, I’ll just change it…), help run more tests, track down more tricky bugs, etc. I mean, I like doing it; it just runs over into training time frequently or leaves me so tired that I just go home and take a nap.

I mostly get to Monday nights. (And can’t do as much as I want, because I’m out-of-shape and out-of-practice. Though sometimes I do find that my brain has been working on some jiu-jitsu when I wasn’t paying attention, and it pops out with something really cool.) Then pack my bag for Tuesday… and bring it home… and take it for Thursday… and bring it home… and am too tired by Friday so don’t even take it… and then finally take the same packed bag from Tuesday in for Saturday women’s class. It’s a big change from the girl who at one point trained more classes per week than anyone including the instructors.

Somewhere in all this, I passed the 7-year milestone training. Wow. That’s also as long as I’d trained in TKD before discovering BJJ. (Then TKD lasted a few months longer before I finally made the full switch.)

For now all I can do is keep doing what I can when I can. It’s possible this won’t continue like this forever (well, it really can’t, because it wears me out), and then I’ll actually get to train regularly again.


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