I did get to class on Monday. This week is Spring Break for the colleges, so there weren’t as many people. Started getting dizzy during the warmup, sigh, but managed to drill and roll until halfway through the second class. All sorts of butterfly passes, including the one my group dubbed the “single-leg to alligator” pass.

Tuesday, work. We’re in another release sprint, and there’s a lot to get done. Thursday, went home and took a nap. Same on Friday >.>

Class this morning. Attendance was light again because of Spring Break still. We’re now at the point in the Women’s Class where we’ve gone from escaping the mount to guard through side control and having mount and the back and all those other things, and we’ve ended back up in escaping the mount. Lot of good drilling and rounds. Makes me so happy to have so many women training now.

Then came home, took a shower, and promptly took another nap. Methinks I might be tired.


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