Weather, Work, and Tabata torture

The week before last, snow. Snow everywhere. Stopped long enough to dig out and get to work, and then started all over again.

Last week, work. 20th anniversary. Meetings all week, some going past 5pm. Presentations that I had to give (!!). More snow.

It’s really so very easy to just go home and sit. Don’t even need to do anything really; just sit. I see why so many people do this. Takes no effort; feels like a great payoff. And so I have sat — outside of shoveling snow — for two weeks. Because I can.

Today, car issues. Yesterday at church, my dad reminded me that Tabatas are a thing. Why he did, exactly, I’m not sure. But he did, and so my brain had Tabatas within ready reach. When I got home today with no way to go back out, my brain said, “Tabatas!” I think my brain hates me. But I got dressed and went to the basement and started doing Tabatas of squats and pushups. Then my mom called halfway through the first set, so I had to stop to talk to her. Probably good, already tired, needed the breather.

Start over? Or continue? START OVER! See, my brain hates me. Started over; did the set. Do moar! Seriously, my brain hates me. Some pullups while I caught my breath; turns out I can still do two at a time, which is something. Then a Tabata set of jumping jacks and plank. Went to try pullups again. One and done. Oh, that’s sad.

In theory, I should be at class tomorrow night, and then good after that. But then, there are rumors of more weather later this week, so we shall see if I have to do more Tabatas or not…


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