Constant Contact

I wear contacts when I do BJJ. (For most normal things, I wear glasses. I can’t wear contacts when I work on a computer because I tend to not blink, which dries out my eyes, which hurts. But for BJJ, I need contacts so I can see people’s faces, and can see techniques without hovering six inches away from the instruction.) Training with contacts is rarely an issue for me, and my eyes are even pretty good at reflexively closing any time someone might scrape a gi across my face.

But Monday night, boy, howdy! One of my contacts was determined to cause as many issues as possible. I spent most of the night trying to calm it down enough so I could concentrate. It even rolled back up inside my eyeball at some point (bleh).

And I needed to concentrate, because we had a new lady who I was working with. And another new lady, who I wasn’t working with (but maybe could have at least helped with if I wasn’t so distracted by the stupid contact).

And then — wonder of wonders! — I went back to class last night. Two nights in a row! The last time that happened was, er, October, maybe? Oh my… Thankfully my contacts were behaving then, so I could concentrate on the techniques, which were also thankfully review from Monday.


2 thoughts on “Constant Contact

  1. I wore daily disposables for several years before biting the budgetary bullet and getting LASIK.

    Huuuuuge improvement in terms of comfort and vision. The 2.5 month vacation from the mats was a bummer though – but you could use the time to heal up the nagging injuries.

  2. Oy geez! The only contacts I’ve had issues with were circle lenses – specifically the cheaper ones. I don’t really think about folks rubbing my eyeballs with their gis. Hmmm.

    I thought about getting LASIK while in Korea, but ended up saving the money for my move to America and my upcoming wedding. Ah well.

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