Oh. boo…

So, for the most part, I’m still only going to class 2 days a week, Mondays and Women’s Class on Saturday. Mostly being tired later in the week (most Wed & Thu nights, I take a nap when I get home from work) combined with not wanting to sit around for an hour waiting for class. I’m trying to come up with solutions, so we’ll see.

I have noticed in the last few week that our women are improving and rolling really really well. I sat out a round on Monday and watched one of the ladies rolling with a brand-new guy (eagle eyes — but he passed all tests, so there’s another good one), and I was very impressed with how calm and yet ruthless she was being, and told her so afterwards. And then Monday and today, rolling with another lady, I was grinning so big the whole time because she’s actually become the instigator and has pressure and posture and position and all those other things, and it’s such a change from when she first started.


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