Not out out, but out

Winter isn’t just coming; it’s here. Cold!

Started with armbars to warmup, then triangles, then armbar to triangle, then armbar to triangle to armbar, with breaks throughout to practice getting our hips UP UP UP to get those submissions.

Did we roll next? Maybe. Or we moved right in to drilling spider guard/lasso leg in the next class.

Rolled with Janet, which was fun as we were both pretzling our feet around and trying things. Later rolled with Robert, and he went for that baseball choke he always does and I moved to defend it and thought I had it and I was safe and then my brain kinda went mushy and I realized that I didn’t quite have it but I couldn’t exactly do anything about it and why is the room buzzing… He let go because he said I was starting to look a little glassy-eyed. YEP. Not out out, but yeah, still kinda out.

Took myself on home shortly after that, so there’d be no more silliness out of me.


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