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Side Effects

on November 11, 2014

Saturday, Women’s Class

When I got there in the morning, Janet said that Jen wouldn’t be able to make it, so she & I would have to teach… and then she eyed that purple belt. Oh, this thing means I’m gonna be looked to for things like this, doesn’t it? Oi! Thankfully she had the idea to teach mount escapes, and since that’s one thing that I do know, I was glad.

Led them through the warmup, then we went over the mount escape I use 99.99% of the time. (And the other 0.01%, I’m just plain stuck in mount. So.) Here’s Emily Kwok showing it:

Two rounds (top/bottom) of situational sparring from there. Then two rounds of rolling. One of the women is returning from having surgery, so she wanted to roll light so I went both rounds with her.


Warmup, then partnered up. 2-min round of armbars from guard. Then 3-min round of partner standing in guard, followed by an armbar as soon as they set you down. Then a “break” round of bullfighter pass. And then repeated the armbar set. Ow, hamstrings.

That may actually have been the entire class. My brain did its dizzy thing during the warmup (after standing up from shrimping) and then again several times during all the up-and-down after.

Drilling: a sneaky choke set-up that I immediately loved. (No, I’m not telling you. Have to roll with me to find out.) But all that choking after all that huffing & puffing earlier… eeuuugh. So we went slow.

Rolling started, but I didn’t feel up to it based on the earlier dizziness. (It’s not just at the moment, either; it’s that I have to drive home after.) Shoulder felt okay, which was good, but head did not. So off I went. But every time I stood up at work today, yow…


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