Women’s Class on Saturday, and class on Monday. Shoulder did much better: can’t do pushups, even against the wall still, but fewer grips that I had to let go, less time aching afterwards. And back up to 3 straight rounds rolling. (I am slightly amused when people seem to have this “Oh, you’ve been out, I can totally beat you now” attitude, which quickly becomes “why can’t I beat you now?!” You know why you can’t teach an old dog new tricks? Cuz that dog’s done seen all those tricks.)

Women’s Class was Janet’s triangle, which is always super tight. Monday was Robert’s baseball chokes, which come from everywhere and are tight. And one super sneaky seems-like-a-bad-idea counter-to-a-counter version from side control, where you seem to give them your back — but you’re choking them before they can do anything (and any movement just chokes ’em more).

But then the rest of this week and the start of next have all the funky scheduling conflicts again — home football game tomorrow night, out of town to visit my goddaughters, dinner with friends. Some consistency would probably be good for me at this point.


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