Light Activity

It’s real! Neck and shoulder still do lots of popping and clicking, though the doctor said that was alright as long as it doesn’t hurt. (It doesn’t.) Range is a lot better, too — only thing left that hurts is crossing the midline, which the doctor said is expected. Shoulder still feels “off” somehow, but not nearly as bad as it was even a week ago. Leaps and bounds, and bounds and leaps better.


Women’s Class. Partial warmup. I got to teach armbar from guard (with my own details) and then the Shaving Day choke (from the Hillary Williams’ seminar) off a bump sweep. So evil!

And I got to roll again for the first time since the injury! Only once, but it’s more than I’d been able to do. I tried tucking my arm inside my belt, which is what I’ve always done for arm injuries, but noticed that it didn’t work so well with the shoulder because at times I needed to move the shoulder around and couldn’t. Afterwards Tim mentioned that he had talked to a physical therapist when he hurt his shoulder last, and the guy had recommended rolling with it untucked and just not use it.


Hey, more training! Partial warmup. And some drilling! Though I was constrained to only drilling on the one good side (and still going slow at times because of the shoulder as some motions which seem wholly unconnected to the shoulder would still manage to tweak it), and, when my partner was drilling, had to modify my position and anticipate their movements to keep that shoulder out of the way. But it worked, mostly. Aaand I rolled again, though only once.

Second class, though, I watched the drilling, as it was a choke and therefore involved a lot of arms, and I couldn’t work out a way to do it without involving the shoulder. (Also didn’t think I could handle having it done to me.) Then left when the next round of rolling started, so I wouldn’t be tempted.


Who is this lady who’s training so much?! Rolling to warmup. I snagged Janet first because I knew that we would be on the same page regarding a warmup roll (her elbow is tweaked, too), and we definitely were. (Though I had some aggro moments because I’m so out of practice. But the shoulder would usually remind me shortly.) Then with the black belt from Florida, who has had multiple injuries himself, and then with Danielle.

Didn’t drill, though, as it was another choke and I again couldn’t figure a way to make it work. Left again when they started rolling again.


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