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Returning! (again)

on September 10, 2014

Saw the doc yesterday morning. He said it’s healing nicely, so I’m cleared to return to “light activity.” (Though he gave me The Look, which said that he knows my idea of “light” is not what he means. *innocent face*) Also, no physical therapy required, but he did tell me to start doing light weights and working on range of motion.

Class last night. Rolling to warm up. I sat, just to be safe. Although, Jen was hurt, too, so we contemplated doing a roll together just to move, but then decided that we probably should both be smart and sit, even though that made us miserable.

Drilling was defense against stack pass. Also worked actually doing the pass. Jen couldn’t be stacked and I couldn’t have the defense done to me, so the two of us worked with one of the newer ladies so she could stack on me and defend against Jen.

Then rolling to finish up, and Jen and I both headed for the exit for the same reason — not wanting to get caught up in “Well, maybe just one” and then injuring things further.


One response to “Returning! (again)

  1. New Girl says:

    I think “I’ll just take it easy tonight…” is the greatest lie we ever tell ourselves in training! Wishing you a speedy recovery 🙂

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