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"Be gentle, kind and beautiful, yet firm and strong, both mentally and physically." ~Sensei Keiko Fukuda


on August 19, 2014

Class last night, I nearly passed out. Lots of the dizzy and crap. Then tonight, trying to go light and I didn’t land right after being swept, instead landing on the point of my shoulder. Heard and felt a pop. Tried to keep rolling, but after a minute or two the pain was too much and I couldn’t move that arm well. Pain from the shoulder to my ear. Argh. Every. Time. Just when I’m starting to get past the last injury/stupidity, something else starts.

Not a happy camper.

Monday night

Because there were no new people, we started class with rolling. Then into 5-min rounds of mount escape, against resistance. That’s a long time. My last round was with one of the guys, and trying to hold mount on him was almost more of a workout than trying to escape. Then a few more rounds of rolling.

Then the room did the buzzing and the spinning and the black dots, so I sat while they drilled. Sickle sweep, I think — the counterpart to the sweep I always do when they stand, which might be the Hook Sweep. They feed off of each other, anyway, and I learned them both an Emily Kwok seminar in Philly, but I really only play the one.


I came in early to help with the kids’ class. There’s a ton of them now! And they’re getting good.

Our class started rolling to warm up, and it was the second round where I landed funny. I tried to keep rolling and hope it would just go away, but it didn’t and my partner was putting pressure in a direction that arm did not like, so I had to stop. Got some ice then and sat through the rest of class until it was numb enough to drive home. Limited range of motion where it’s comfortable; beyond that, starts to feel as if all the little muscles up there are cramping, probably in an attempt to keep me from using that shoulder. I’ve Tiger-Balm-bombed it for now and will slap the heating pad on it shortly.



One response to “Argh.

  1. Yeah, BJJ is bad on the injuries. I’ve had a hurt back for like 6 months because I keep rolling every time it’s almost healed like a dummy. But hey, when you love to roll you do what you have to do.

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