All the little things

Somehow I hurt my finger on Saturday; it randomly started hurting on Sunday. Then on Monday morning I noticed that I had a little black eye on the right side… but I’d gotten hit on the left side.

Warmup, then rounds of playing spider guard vs. breaking it. My hurt finger wouldn’t let me grip on that side, so I played one-armed spider guard. Not so effective. Then drilled triangle off spider guard. At the end, people were set out in each square, and the rest of us went through the line; sweep/submit vs. pass from spider guard. Somewhere in there I stubbed my big toe straight down into the mat, so was limping from that. Then on another, rolled over the ankle on that side, so limping even more. Aiiieee.

Second class stared with drilling omoplata off spider guard. I stayed to drill (because it’s me, of course), but then pulled myself out before rolling started so I wouldn’t hurt myself even more.

Funny moment at the new job: our office is being remodeled, so over the weekend they moved our desks all around. When I came in and found my desk, there were three chairs in front of it, and none of them were mine. Mine was apparently thrown out because it looked like a cat had attacked the back cushion. (But it was so comfortable!) I tried out all three. The back cushion in one, though, would not stay back no matter how hard I leaned back; it would just catapult me forward again. The guys at work came over when they heard me laughing. They tried it out, and it stayed back for them. I tried — catapult. Lol. Apparently I don’t weigh enough for that chair.


One thought on “All the little things

  1. Same thing actually happened to me one time. I got dinged near my left eye, but somehow I had bruising around my right eye. It was barely noticeable, but still it was a little strange that it was the opposite eye.

    Anyway, regular reader of the blog. Keep writing and I’ll keep reading. 🙂

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