Introducing: The inaugural Women’s Class!

I’m still here, promise. Just haven’t worked out when I can have a few minutes to myself to write blog posts.

Women’s Class

We’ve talked before about having a women’s class and have even had a trial run before, but this time is for reals. At 9 am, seven women started warming up (and by 9:30 we had 2 more, who had thought the class started later, lols). And it was not all just the regular women. You know what this means, right? We have a lot of women training now. And the university isn’t even back in session yet, so this class will only grow.

Jen led us through a short warmup and worked with the new women. Drilling started with breaking the closed guard for a while, then to the knee-cut pass. Then timed rounds with one person trying to break & pass and the other just trying to hold them there. (Why, yes, that is much harder than it looks, lol.)

We had time for two short rounds to finish off. I worked first with the one completely brand-new woman and largely worked around closed guard with some views of mount. Then with one who has had a few classes.

The next class is set for 2 weeks from now, so hopefully we’ll have even more women on the mat by then.

Open Mat

I meant, of course, to go to the women’s class and then go home. But I was all nicely warmed up, and there were able bodies around, and I hadn’t rolled with all the women anyway, so… I hung around. Those of still in our gis mostly elected to keep them on and continue rolling that way, and Tim decided to grab his gi as well and join us. (He’s supposed to be recovering from an injury anyway and should be resting [but we all know how that goes] so he rolled with us women instead because we were unlikely to spazz out enough to injure him further.) Two rolls with women, and then one with Tim. Okay, now I’m done…

Saturday morning has been a nogi open mat for a long time. I overheard several of the guys being SO confused when they walked in today. “Wait, is this gi now? Wait, is this a regular class now? Wait… what’s going on?” Heh.


6 thoughts on “Introducing: The inaugural Women’s Class!

  1. Woohoo! Women’s class! We’ve talked about that a few times at my school, but we only have three consistent women. We had a women’s self defense seminar and they did a BJJ demo… lots of the girls signed up for Krav… none of them signed up for BJJ. What’s wrong with people!

    Keep us posted on how it goes. I still think women are more likely to try out BJJ when its an all woman class. For so many reasons its worth its own blog (and others have already written about it better).

  2. Congrats on the women’s class being successful! I’ve been participating in Seoul’s women’s only events since they started. We now have one women’s only openmat once per month, and a women’s only seminar once per month. I try to attend both! It’s really cool getting to meet more women in BJJ.

    As far as transitioning to open mat with nogi, it’s EXACTLY why I wear spats and a rashie under my gi. Take off the gi, and I’m already in nogi gear! 🙂 But really – it’s open mat – who cares if it’s gi or nogi?

    • Yeah, I had nogi stuff with me, but decided that changing was a hassle — and even gi pants and rashguard was too much work. 😛

  3. Awesome! I just started one myself, at Artemis Bristol BJJ, last week. I’ll be very interested to hear how yours goes: is that more of a class geared towards women already training at the club, or actively looking to bring in new members?

    • Mostly towards new/beginners, I think, but the rest of us will be there, too. Actually, with the number of women we usually have at regular training now, we can work almost exclusively with each other, which is great for the newer ladies.

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