The trainings…


Finally got in the roll I was trying to get earlier in the week, nice and flowey, with Janet. Some rolls and some drilling of… something… in between (maybe?), and then a fierce rematch with Janet now that we were both warmed up.

Friday, the academy was closed for the holiday.


The weather seemed like it has been lately — hot and humid. And I did everything I always do throughout the day. But for some reason, halfway through the warmup I started feeling leaden and then ick. Then started feeling faint.

Then we did some standup single-leg drills, working up to the takedown. Just the standup part, I was getting dizzy. Then the room started swimming. Felt like I couldn’t get enough air in my lungs. For the last set, I stood in the doorway to get as much breeze as I could.

Moved on to drilling, cross-collar to armbar from guard. Thought about trying it, and felt like I was going to faint. Well now. This sucks. So I sat and watched instead and then let Justin throw some on me.

He stopped once, looked at me in concern, and said, “You okay?” I said I was, just that this new side he’d switched to was a muuuuuch deeper grip and was choking a lot more and a lot sooner. “Oh yeah,” he said, “that’s my good side.” Pfft, no kidding;)

Second class started with rolling, and at that point I accepted the fact that I was useless, so I headed back to change. One of the new guys was there, and I’d heard him talk to Tim earlier; he’d seemed a bit frustrated at how he’d fared in the warmup and then after, in terms of keeping up. So I mentioned my first night’s experience to him — when I did a warmup drill down the mat and just kept right on going until I crawled up into a chair 😛 — and then he was quite chatty. Which worked out well, as I did need some recovery time before driving home, so I propped up a wall for a bit.

Home, cold shower and a big bowl of rice. That seemed to help.

I’ll probably be out the rest of the week. Stuff tonight, then Thursday & Friday I have scheduled off from work because they’re my last 2 days at my current job and I’m pretty sure I’ll have all my work wrapped up before then. So I will likely be lazy those nights. 😉


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