Tuesday, July 1, 2014

So. humid. So. hot.

Class was small, but was also about half women.

Couple rolls to warm up. That… wow. Now I’m totally useless & completely drained. Although, it was funny — in the first few rolls, I was getting annoyed when people would switch from going slow to going not-slow, and then noticed myself doing the same in the last roll. Realized that it was because he was giving me lots of space to work, and my brain said, “QUICK! Take all the spaces!” so I would dive on the next thing. So when I was giving people space to work and move in the first few, they were likely having the same reaction. I see now…

Drilled a shoulder lock off a half-guard pass, and then a way to make it the Worst Shoulder Lock Ever(TM)

There was more rolling at the end, but I was done and headed home.


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