New things

Each time I take a week off from training and then come back, I always think, “Why did I take so much time off? And how in the world did I lose so much cardio in that time?!” Sometimes it feels like starting all over again.

Nose is still tender where I got popped. But no other issues, so back on the mat we go.

So humid around here now. Short warmup, zomgthankyou!. Then partnered for sweep vs. pass from half-guard. Half-whozzitnow? Dang it.

Drilling: half-guard turn pass. Details and little things that make a big difference — I like. Drilled with the new lady.

Second class started with rounds. Zomgwhyyyy?! Lol, so toasted after the first, but there were 2 more anyway. But then I started feeling light-headed and not-so-great all-around, so I sat around and watched while they drilled more half-guard stuffs (which I really, really liked and wanted to practice).

Last month, I had a couple of interviews with a company. This morning I got an offer, and I accepted. I start my new job on July 14th. But my commute only changes a little bit — now I’ll park on the other side of the building. New job is across the parking lot from the current. 😛


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