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Monday and Tuesday

on June 18, 2014

This is becoming a habit. A bad habit…


Short warmup. Felt long. Calves started cramping about halfway through. Oh, this is lovely…

Another drilling station night: pinch pass, pinch pass to knee-cut-through, knee smash, elevator sweep, Marcelo Magic sweep, and then grip-fighting. Different this time in that everyone rotated, flipping top/bottom and then moving on. Advantage (and disadvantage) is that you could only rest for one round at a time (or none, if you were grip-fighting). I somehow got bracketed by two of the big guys, which made everything a whole lot more work.

Couple of rounds. The guys are reminding me that this is a points tournament and not submission-only; if I move before I’ve secured points, they’ll grab me, dump me back, and say, “3 seconds!”


…seriously, it was hardly a day ago, why you no remember, Brain? Oh, right, because you had other things on your mind that day. I suppose you can have a pass this time.

Warmup. Then drilling pinch pass to choke. Then rolls for the next class. Always good to see formerly spazzy guys settle down enough to be a good roll now; more training partners is always a good thing.


One response to “Monday and Tuesday

  1. Kenneth says:

    Thanks for sharing that sweep. I’ve never thought about doing it without underhooks.

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