One more

You’ve probably already seen part 1 of Can’s interview with me from when he was over in the States. If not, it’s right here.

(Apparently I say “so” a lot, hrm.)

Yesterday morning was a big day at our academy: Tim promoted his first female purple belt. Jen got her PhD last month and her purple this month; what’ll next month bring? 😉

Andrew, Jen, & Tim
Andrew, Jen, & Tim

Our training partner Arkeif had an MMA fight scheduled this weekend, but the guy just didn’t show up. Poor Arkeif — he’s been trying to get a fight now for at least a year, I think, but everyone keeps bailing on him.

Humid! I wore my summer-weight gi, and it wasn’t nearly cool enough.

Warmup. Then to drilling: pinch pass. Casey and I took turns imprinting the weave of our gis on each other’s chins, lol.

“One roll” to finish up. And then “one more!” And then one more. I swear he does it on purpose.

Second class. Drilling: a knee-smash pass for butterfly, later adding a choke. Drilled in 5-min rounds.

Then rolling. I’m not sure how many rounds. Six? Seven? Always “one more.” We set up in a circle, with one person rotating. I hit one thing well once, but the rest was an absolute mess.

I’m planning to do the US Grappling Richmond tournament next weekend. Right now my weight is actually under the limit for my preferred weight class. So long as my body doesn’t get wind of my plans, I shouldn’t need to cut any weight.


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