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All the womens!

on May 21, 2014

The Women!

[Picture incoming. Our photographer, Tyler, is busy being a dad for the 3rd time — his latest son was born ~1:30am.]

Very awesome last night — we had 6 of our 8 9 women on the mat, and all in our Fenom gis. So we agreed that we needed to take a picture.

Eep, been off for a week! But not all my fault — Mom on Tuesday, something else on Thursday, a PhD/birthday party Friday, then the academy closed on Monday for maintenance.

Ended up at the academy early last night because driving all the way home and then all the way back is inefficient. And I forgot my book, so I went in to sit. And got commandeered into being the grappling dummy for the kids’ class, since the usual assistants are all out of school now and out of town.

There’s a girl in the kids’ class now, and she’s a beast! There was an odd number of kids, so I ended up working with her. It’s been a while since I grappled anyone that tiny.

The kids warmed me up well, but our class had a warmup, too. Then partnered up for 5-min rounds of any guard pass. Crap, all I remember is sweeps. Then 5-min rounds of any sweep. Crap, now all I remember is passes… Heh.

Then drilled scissor sweep for a while.

King-of-the-Hill next. (I haven’t done that in a while!) Pass vs. sweep/submit.

Couple of rounds to finish it off.


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