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Friday and Monday. Again.

on May 13, 2014

I will get back in the swing of this, I will. Eventually.

Well, the Great Morning Jiu-jitsu Experiment is at an end, and it has failed miserably. 😛 Also, I was supposed to be using my now-free nights to get stuff done, and I haven’t done that, either. So I’m going to start back to a regular schedule of evening classes (but not tonight, because I’m doing something with my mom).

Friday…. I don’t even remember now. We did butterfly guard to X-guard sweep, and I worked & rolled with Janet. After that… *shrug*

Monday: Got to wear my new Fenom gi, with the red “F”, for the first time. (My two Atamas are so shredded at this point that I finally caved and bought new gis.) All the guys wanted it by the end of the night, lol.

Warmup. Drilling: Elevator sweep. Then specific sparring from butterfly guard, sweep vs. pass.

Second class started with drilling, the same butterfly- to X-guard sweep from Friday. Then a few rounds to finish off. My brain was clueless yet again. And in the last round with Robert, with about 30 seconds left, my body just said, “Nope, we’re done here,” and pretty much refused to do anything. Brain totally shut down, too. Oh, well; that should all get better as I get back to training more regularly.


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