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Monday night, May 6, 2014

on May 6, 2014

Best weekend ever: 48 hours with my best friend and my 2 goddaughters. Those girls are the cutest things ever. And the older one is super smart for being under 2 years old; pretty sure she’ll build a nuclear reactor in their garage before she’s 5! 😮 (Dad’s an electrical engineer, mom’s a nuclear engineer. So could totally happen.)

Yay, spring!

Warmup. Gotta watch out for the spazzastic newer guy who flings himself enthusiastically in all directions at once. During jogging. (Yeah, nearly got wrecked by someone during jogging. Fun times.)

Oi, body not used to moving. Been a slug for too long! No forwards/backwards rolls for me, though — I get dizzy normally doing them. Though the concussion seems to be healed, I’m not taking chances on knocking it loose again.

Partnered up for 5-min drilling rounds. Any sweep from any guard, then any sweep to any submission, then any mount escape. May have been another round, else straight to drilling cross-collar choke to their reversal to finishing the choke. Two rounds of that, 5-min but switching after 3 chokes because breathing.

Now we’re into the next class. Rolling, each round followed by gi drags. Even though our current mats are shorter than any other mats we’ve had — and even though we did 1 less drag each time — gi drags still feel like a million miles. The first knuckles on both hands are raw now. No grips, and then my forearms cramped up solid after the last set. Lovely.

My back hurts today: apparently I was pulling with my back and not my legs. Ow.


One response to “Monday night, May 6, 2014

  1. It looks like you had a great training session! OSS

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