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I is a slug

on April 29, 2014

Ugh. I got hit with allergies so bad last week, actually starting Saturday but fully realized by Monday morning. My head hurt as much as from the concussion! 😦

And now I’ve been such a slug for so long that I’m having a hard time starting up again, especially in the mornings. (The other culprit is probably [definitely] how late I’ve been staying up with my MMORPG. There is a reason I avoided playing them for so long, and it has to do with how engrossed I get…)


Finally got to class on Friday. Um… we did things and stuff…?

Drilling was pendulum sweep to armbar. I worked on the knee-over-face variation (both from Dave Jacobs’ seminar [with bonus picture of the technique!] and from Hillary Williams’) with Janet, and we both liked it, especially the part where, because of the way your weight is distributed, you can control how intense that knee is. So if you want to be light, you can be; but if they need a little extra sauce, you can turn it up.

Some rolls. My brain kept getting fixated on doing something, and then the guys would move a different way than that technique needed, and then I’d blank out on what to do next because I was still fixated. *sigh*


Warmup. Legs were dead from the start. Bah.

Then 5-min drilling rounds, one person. First, any armbar. Any… Crap, I can only think of armbar from guard. Finally noticed that other people were doing armbar from mount, too, so worked that in, too, and eventually remembered one or two more. Now my legs are really dead. Then a sit-up/close the distance drill for when they stand, then that with a takedown, then that with standing for the single.

Rounds. Aaaaand I don’t know jiu-jitsu today, lovely. Somewhere in the 3rd, my toes cramped up. The entire 4th round, the toes on my right foot were frozen in a cramp. (P.S., that sucks. Do not recommend.) Odd number, though, so thankfully I got to sit the last round.

I am planning, er, thinking about going to class in the morning, but we’ll see if the thunderstorms keep me up all night again. (I don’t mind them, it’s just the sudden thunder wakes me up. all. the. time.) And then I’m out of town this weekend. So, erm, maybe not back in the swing of things quite yet…


2 responses to “I is a slug

  1. I have had to go cold turkey on all video games. Just too addictive, too much of a time-suck, and you have nothing valuable to show for all that time.

    • leslie says:

      But, but I beat the dungeon. And I got a big shiny axe. (Srsly, is pretty neat.)

      And I get to be a Monk with flashy spinny kicky/punchy thingies. 😉

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