BJJ converts another one

New lady at class last night. She currently does TKD. She might not be doing it by the end of the week, though. 😉

Short warmup. I avoided forward/backwards rolls because brain, and helped the new lady.

(Btw, I figured out how to describe how my head feels. Do you remember those magic pictures? The seemingly-randomly-colored images that, if you stared at them just right, would pop a 3D image out at you? [I tried to insert one of them here for reference, but my brain took one look and said, “Nope!”] Anyway, if you ever used to try them and your brain would start hurting after a while, that’s exactly how my head feels most of the time. Being stuck under fluorescent lights and staring at computer screens all day does not help.)

Drilling. Cross-collar from guard, then to armbar (which is still mostly a choke, lol), then later to reverse armbar. Remember: shoulder sammich. And if you use that top knee to rotate their shoulder down, then finding/finishing the elbow is much simpler.

Couple of rounds to finish up. I went with the new lady; started with her in my guard trying to pass, and me sweeping to mount. Then halfway through the round, we switched places, so she had to try for those chokes or armbars and I passed. She seemed to enjoy herself more the less she was able to accomplish against me, lol. Then I did a round with shiny new purple belt Tyler, and then another round with the new lady, this time from mount.

New lady was so excited and happy, because BJJ > TKD. (It’s true. I used to do TKD, too, so I know exactly what she was feeling.) And then as we were talking after class, I found out that she is the current boarder at my aunt & uncle’s place. Small town ftw! When she told me where she was living and I said that was my aunt & uncle’s place, she said, “So you’re the one!” Apparently they’ve mentioned that their niece does some kind of martial arts thoughwedontknowanythingaboutit.

Overall class was much more relaxed that last week, so I was able to survive without so much brain strain. This is good.

And now we wait for Thursday, when Slideyfoot lands in Virginia.


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