The shin bone’s connected to the head bone… no, wait, ow…

It’s snowing. Again. Do not like.

Short warmup, then partnered up for specific sparring from the back, escape vs. submit. Then drilled a basic back escape. Justin had us work it to the side that your partner would rather take you to, as it’s the harder side to escape from. I almost laugh at that, because that is also the side that I’m on 99% of the time, so it’s actually the side that I fall to when my back is taken; I’ve become so used to everyone taking me there, and so it’s what I think is normal.

Long time drilling on that side, then the next class continued and switched to the “easy” side as well as starting on the “hard” side and forcing the transition to the “easy” side. The “easy” side feels strange to me. For this part, I worked with one of the guys, and even without him resisting, trying to bridge back over to the other side was hard work. And this is why I default to the “hard” side.

Couple of rounds to finish up the second class. My feet and toes cramped up several times, severe enough that I had to stop and punch them until they reset. (What? Isn’t that you fix cramping feet?) I hit the armbar from this morning! Sure surprised myself there, so much so that I didn’t believe that my partner was tapping and had to stop and check.

Then second round, I was on top defending Robert’s from-everywhere-choke when another pair came smashing down on us. Not spazzy white belts, but advanced guys going hard who rapidly covered a lot of ground. More specifically, his shin went way up in the air as he was dramatically swept and then came swinging straight down on my skull for probably a near-perfect leg kick.

… … … Ow!!!

I yelped, grabbed my head, and fell over in the fetal position. Ow ow owowowowow. My bell was rung, that’s for sure. Opened my eyes to find the whole class gathered around to check on me. Oh. Hai, guys. Finally managed to sit up, though my head was a bit spinny. So while I sat and recalibrated before driving home, Justin showed me the defense to the choke I’d been caught in. It’s the exact opposite of what I feel like I ought to do there, so that will take some practice.

Head hurt for a good while after and was still spinny. Nice bruise on my noggin, too. Bit of a headache and neck-ache today. So I’m just moving slow and trying not to think too much.


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