And that’s a concussion :(

Went in to work this morning. Started feeling dizzy/unsteady with a headache and then nauseated after a few hours. I wanted to drive home and sleep, but my manager insisted on taking me to the ER. Perhaps best, as I’m not sure I could have driven at that point.

No CT scan, but I do fit all the signs for Post-Concussion Syndrome. (I still think the one where you stick your left thumb in your right ear while sticking out your tongue is a setup… It might work for what they want, but it sure does sound suspicious.) The prescription is “brain rest,” which means no training (duh) and no computers (shh!), tv, or video games for a few days, which also means no work.

I’m actually at my parents’ house now, as they insisted on picking me up from the hospital and bringing me here to keep an eye on me. Already had a long nap, and already feel so much better. And I’m getting off the computer now.


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