End caps

Friday evening, March 21, 2014

I did train! But now don’t remember everything…

Warmup, then drilled back attacks. Then specific sparring rounds of escape/submit from the back. Lots of drilling, lots of rounds.

Then a couple of rounds to finish up.

Monday morning, March 24, 2014

It’s below freezing again! Whyyyyyy?! It’s Spring! Gimme some warm!

To class anyway. Warmup (squats? Whyyyyy?!). Then rounds of any submission from side control. Rats, do I know any submissions from side control at 7am?

Drilled the far-side armbar from side control. And for the first time, the positioning for that finally clicked, I think. I’ve always had trouble with that one, but Andrew pointed out this morning that you want to throw your whole body across at once, and not just inch-worm over. Works so much better.

Couple of rounds to finish. First, my brain was adamant that it was going to work butterfly to side control and submissions. I am not opposed to this plan. Carry on. Second round, Andrew has apparently decided to start working spider guard. Rats. I did actually think about attacking his ankles at one point; he saw me and said “Believe!” But by then my brain had rejected the notion and then the buzzer. But I did think about it for that split-second. Eventually, maybe, I’ll manage to actually do something.

They’re calling for snow all day tomorrow. >.<


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