Coming out of hibernation

This prolonging of winter — gray, cold, windy; bouts of snow, sleet, and freezing rain — has not been conducive to my training. I have worked from home several days because of weather, or have snuggled back under the covers on cold overcast mornings. My initial bursts of willpower and enthusiasm for morning training have passed, and I am in need of sunshine and warmth to restore them. Neither of which is in any supply at all right now. They’re predicting snow again next week.

I’m so done with this weather. >.<

Also, I have no idea what's going on, but I've lost 10 pounds since January. From where?! There was nothing to lose! My scale showed me at 119 pounds earlier this week. I have no clue. I’m still eating as if I’m training every day, and I’m eating any junk food anyone brings to work and we have weekly lunch meetings now in which I eat crap food.

Though once again this proves what a jerk bodies can be. Cutting for a tournament, so eating healthy? Gain 5 lbs. Mouth like a vacuum cleaner? Lose 10.

Yesterday was sunny, though, and not entirely frigid, so I gained a small amount of motivation again and got myself up this morning.

Short warmup, then two rounds. I don’t understand how some people are so intense so early. I’m still half-asleep and caffeine deprived. But at least my brain still remembers jiu-jitsu. It even remembered the last things I’ve been told to work on (minus the knee-in-hip half-guard; I remembered that on the way home) and even did them. I dunno, maybe training once a week really is the way to go…

Then reviewed/drilled three chokes from knee-on-belly before drilling The Renzo Choke, as we’ve always known it:

One round to finish up.

At home, I made sure I had all the right things packed, so I should end up in class again tonight.


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