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Eager butterfly

on March 12, 2014

I was not, this morning. Stayed up too late, alarm went off too early. But neither my brain nor my body made strong enough protests about why we should skip this morning, I grabbed up everything and went.

Short warmup, then rolls with everyone. Ugh, stiff, tired, non-responsive. Meh.

For drilling, we again with the Q&A format, again headed up by Marcos. (Part of my problem with not having questions here is that I usually already know how I’m screwing up and what I ought to be doing; I just don’t do it.) Another good one: someone pins your legs when you’re in butterfly, stands, and passes. What to do?

As we reviewed the position and the goals and such, it suddenly dawned on me — you don’t play butterfly guard by sending out your legs first and then engaging with your arms when they reach you; you play butterfly with all your limbs in front and approximately the same distance out (in fact, your hands should probably be leading to divert grips). This means you sit up more and lean in more: forward posture, aggressive lean, head in front of hips. And this in turn brings your head to the party as another limb and also helps prevent getting flattened out (you’re also more able to go directly to your side instead of your back). And this also translates to faster transitions up and over if you sweep them backwards (because that happened while drilling, and it was stupid-easy to follow over).

I also realized that when you see Marcelo or Emily Kwok playing butterfly guard, they’re doing everything we were talking about — they don’t sit straight up or lean back; their head is in front of their hips. I know I’ve seen videos and pictures of this (pretty sure Emily covers it in the Defeating a Bigger, Stronger Opponent DVD), but my google-fu is failing me right now. And the times when Marcelo appears to not be doing it, he transitions into it lightning fast.

So I’ve been doing it wrong. Time to relearn…

Drilled a couple little related bits, then one long roll to finish off. I was trying to work that butterfly stuff and also Robert’s advice on half-guard from Monday. Not doing so great; like I said, I need lots more practice on everything.


2 responses to “Eager butterfly

  1. Anne says:

    These videos with Emily deal with this:

    Marcelo’s x-guard book also deals with this a lot

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