Q5 Labs products — a review

Q5 Labs is a supplement company run by a grappler. I was sent a sample pack from Q5 Combat and asked to review it.

Background on me: I’ve taken supplements of various kinds for the last 10 years or so. My dad has always been interested in health and fitness (I remember “health food cookies” as a kid; they tasted like sawdust with raisins mixed in. Not a fan.), and even more recently he and my brother ran a supplement franchise, so I’ve had ready access to supplements and the industry for a while now.

Whey Protein

When I was asked to do a review of the products, the first thing that stood out to me was “Grass Fed Whey Protein.” At that point, I was very interested. I generally follow a Paleo/Primal diet, and one of the big tenets there is to use grass-fed (or, on their natural diet) products, including grass-fed dairy. But most, if not all, protein powders on the market are from corn-fed cows. Bad for the cows, bad for you. So, meh. But the Q5 protein powder is produced from New Zealand grass-fed cows.

Also, most protein powders sold in the US are made from the cheapest protein powder possible and include many fillers to bulk it up even more and/or “improve” the flavor. (But all the extra stuff tastes terrible and generally does not mix well, leaving you with those nasty clumps that you have to swallow.) And that’s why I need 3 scoops (63g) of the cheap stuff to get 20g of protein. On the other hand, with a high-quality protein powder, just 1 scoop can net you more protein that that. One scoop (30g) of the Q5 whey protein is 21g of protein. And it mixes easily in minimal water & a shaker cup.

Finally, taste. I’m not a fan of chugging down things that don’t taste good, whether or not they’re good for me. However, that wasn’t a problem — I tried both the chocolate and the vanilla, and they were neither overpowering nor chalky. Just enough taste so you could taste some flavor and so it wasn’t bland, but not too much to turn up your taste buds.

Q5 has done all the right things with this protein powder.

Launch Fuel

Launch Fuel is a pre-workout drink mix. It’s not a big amount to mix, and it mixes easily and is easy to drink. (Already we’re way ahead of most pre-workout products! Usually one taste, and that’s it. Bleh.) Also, no caffeine, so good for taking before evening classes.

I had some before a Monday evening training session, which ended up including a whole lot of sparring. Now, I did take it almost right before class, so all the effects that I might have felt were occuring during the warmup, so I couldn’t distinguish between pre-workout drink fuzzies and general warming-up fuzzies. But, I did have a very good training session and, although I was tired by the end of the night, I still had the energy to keep going.

Now, because I’m not sure what was pre-workout fuzzies and what was general warming-up fuzzies, I can’t say for sure how well the product worked. Pre-workouts are one of those things I need to test multiple times under multiple conditions so I know if the results are there. But, based on the initial test, Launch Fuel is a good contender for a pre-workout trial.

Super Food mixes

I also had a sample each of Warrior Green and Warrior Purple. Both are powdered fruit/vegetable mixes. I’ve taken these sorts of things before as well, and in general I have found them to be the most foul supplements ever, even mixed in fruit juice. (Lemon Fish Oil is a close second. Just…blech.) So I admit I had a fair amount of trepidation when I mixed the first one up. (I even made my brother taste the first one first, because I was too scared to.)

And… these aren’t bad. Both were a little grainy after mixing in water, though that’s normal for these things, but not clumpy. Purple smells like beets (which I like) and tastes like strawberry/cranberry (I think it has none of those in there, lol, but that’s what I got from it). Green smells like instant apple-cinnamon oatmeal and tastes a bit, well, green (but not like grass, which most “green” mixes do). Now, I still wouldn’t want to drink them just because I’m thirsty, but these both are some of the best powdered fruit/vegetable mixes that I’ve had.

So there you have it, a short review of a sample pack of supplements from Q5 Labs.


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