Wednesday, February 26, 2014

I woke up before the alarm this morning, rolled over, snuggled back in — and the alarm went off. Seriously? You’re no fun.

I’m not even sure exactly how I got out the door on time and with everything, since I didn’t pack anything the night before. But somehow did.

Warmup. Then 3-min rounds of any submission from side control. Could only remember the three we’ve been reviewing. The spinning armbar actually almost worked this morning. (See, it does get in to my brain. It just takes a while to start coming back out again.) Then specific sparring rounds from side control, and I lost all ability to maintain side control. Meh.

Drilling was options besides the armbar off the north/south kimura when they defend. (Want to say there something before that, but can’t remember right now. Well, if there was, it’s in my brain somewhere and will come out in rolling sooner or later.)

Finished off with one mid-length roll. Semi-competent, though with still lots of screwing up on the morning stuff (mostly not catching the arm to kimura. Cannot kimura without at least some amount of control.). Andrew reminded me again that I need to “believe” in my techniques and not give up so soon. And also to start focusing on always keeping my weight on my partner, even if it’s just through an elbow; since I don’t have much weight to start with, I’ve got to get it all on them as much as possible, both to allow me to move and to at least not make escapes so easy for them.


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