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Violently executed

on February 25, 2014

Slept in Friday morning. Didn’t feel well Friday evening or Saturday morning. Meh.

Monday Morning

Short warmup, then partnered to drill/review the last 3 submissions from side control — far-side spinning armbar, n/s kimura to armbar, and far-side head & arm choke. Andrew decided that we (mostly I) needed more review, so we went over all three again in the large pieces. Getting some better, but still need so much work.

New thing: when you get side control but didn’t get the far underhook — up to knee-on-belly, fish the arm out, drop back, continue with aforesaid attacks.

One long round to finish it off, with Jen. Doing decent at not getting my guard passed, but doing absolutely nothing else.

Monday Evening

Natasha was back tonight; she also told me she’s ordered a Fenom gi. Yay for enthusiastic new women!

Warmup, then sets of rounds + technique. With Natasha for a round first, and she’s all for diving right in. Drilled armbar from guard, then added the sweep. Next round with Rob, then drilled again with Natasha; guard pass to side control to far-side reverse armbar (well, the position, and then later the armbar). Another round with Natasha, and she was focused on trying both the armbar and the pass/control. I think that finished up the first class, so just rounds after. Tyler, and then Janet twice, which we both wanted. One round to adjust our brains, and another to get some really good work. One round in there, I managed the technique from the morning. (Yay!) My legs felt so heavy. 😦

Andrew pointed out between those last two rounds that I’m “thisclose” to actually believing that my techniques will work; I’m still bailing out too early because I don’t think I have it (and I hate to be the person who persists on trying to force something that isn’t there, never was there, and never will be there). But he reiterated something he’s told me in the morning classes:

“A good plan violently executed now is better than a perfect plan executed next week.”

(Apparently Gen. Patton did BJJ;)) I know what he’s getting at: I want everything to be “perfect” in order to count it a success, or to know that it will turn out textbook perfectly before trying it — but sometimes you’ve just got to believe that what you have is good enough and let the violent execution thereof & the timing make up the difference.

So I went in that final round with Janet thinking “Violently executed, violently executed.” Lol. I don’t think I was actually violent, but I had a few moments where I think I managed to do it (and a few others where I noticed immediately afterwards that I’d let a violently executable moment go by). We’ll get there.

Pretty much landed face-first on the bed when I got home. I think somebody worked hard today…


One response to “Violently executed

  1. “Violently executed”…… that is indeed a luscious phrase. I may need to steal that myself.

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