“Triple high-five!”

Andrew was telling me this morning that one of the kids, who barely comes up to his waist, walked up to him after class last night and said “Triple high-five!” Andrew obligingly held out his hands at the kid’s level. The kid slapped both hands and headbutted him right where you might expect.

I actually woke up a few minutes before the alarm this morning. I think that’s my brain telling me that it’s willing to get up for class.

Short warmup. Then 1-minute rounds of positional sparring, escaping side control vs. holding it.

Drilling was north/south kimura, then transitioning to the armbar if they defend. Andrew had a tip for me to go ahead and stuck my shin on top of their ribs & spin there, rather than trying to keep it behind their back, because my shin is only about as long as a guy’s back is wide. Much better leverage that way.

Couple of rounds to finish up. Two rounds where I was fairly satisfied with how my brain/body worked (though there was the one point where my brain wanted to pass right but my body could only work out going left), first round with Andrew in which I suddenly forgot all things remotely resembling jiu-jitsu, and a second round with Andrew in which I remembered a few things (including getting that pass from earlier right).

Andrew mentioned after class that I’m more aggressive in rolling recently, so yay, it’s working.


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