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"Be gentle, kind and beautiful, yet firm and strong, both mentally and physically." ~Sensei Keiko Fukuda

“Because I’ve never done it before.”

on February 18, 2014

Last Wednesday it started snowing here. By Thursday afternoon, it finally stopped. 20 inches of snow. Yeaaaah, we don’t usually get that much in a whole winter. So there was nothing until that mess was taken care of.

The trouble with mornings is that I have to make a decision as soon as the alarm goes off. And the still-sleepy brain usually makes that decision, so back under the warm blankets we go. I got the stink-eye from Andrew when I walked in last night for that, though.

Another new woman! I introduced myself and asked her why she wanted to try BJJ. She said it was because she had never done it before. Ha! Well, that’s a good reason. And she not only did the Fundamentals class, but she also stayed to do the Intermediate/Advanced class. Throughout the night, she said she was having so much fun.

(We neeeeeeeeeed to get that Women’s Class started!)

Warmup. Then drilling a knee-on-belly and then a knee-on-belly escape that’s ostensibly good for the little peoples buuuut my brain/body were not getting on the same page (probably weren’t even in the right book…). Worked with the new lady.

Second class started, and we continued that same escape into a “highly technical bum-rush” takedown. Again worked with the new lady.

Then rounds. I explained to her what we were going to do and explained that it was totally fine if she just wanted to watch. Instead, she asked if she could try. So, well, alright. I rolled with her first and gave her the same assignment I’d given the other girl two weeks ago: hold me down any way you can. She was just as determined to hold me still longer & longer every time I escaped. After about half the round, I went to mount and told her to escape. Afterwards, she was tired, but wanted to keep going. So Janet and then Lauren rolled with her, too, and then she watched the last round.

I felt flat in my rounds again. There were some things that weren’t bad, but I was late on a lot and not quite deep enough on more. Gotta clean it up. I did remember Tim’s advice on my passing a few times, so got some work in there.

Last night after class, I kept wondering why my eye hurt so much. But I didn’t look in the mirror until this morning. Oh, it’s a baby black eye. Yep, that would explain it…


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