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I’m a quitter! lol

on February 12, 2014

We’re supposed to get over a foot of snow later today, so I hauled myself up & to morning class. Andrew’s out of town, so Tim was teaching.

Short warmup, then a roll to continue. Drilling was a knee-on-belly escape. Then two more rolls to finish it off.

After the last one, Tim pointed out a problem with my guard passing — I’m getting the first knee cut through fine, but I’m leaving the other leg just trailing out behind me, and so it’s getting hooked & my hips are too far back & so I’m getting stuffed/caught/etc. and am not finishing the pass. He told me to quit doing that, so I’m going to quit. I’m a quitter!

Instead, I need to cut the knee and immediately windshield-wiper the other foot over on the passing side to keep that foot safe and, bonus, to actually get me past their guard before I pass their guard. That will also fix the issue -I- had noticed, which is that my hips are not driving in when I pass (but they can’t, because they’re stretched out because my legs are in two different zones). Knee down, foot over. Knee down, foot over. Knee down, foot over. Knee, foot. Knee, foot.

Now I’m at work, but mostly watching the weather so I know when to leave & work from home, heh.


2 responses to “I’m a quitter! lol

  1. I view those types of passes (if I’m understanding your explanation correctly) as “sliding into home”. I do an exaggerated pelvic thrust to lead with. It makes it so that you physically cannot leave that trailing leg.

    • leslie says:

      This is actually the other direction — instead of the knee cutting across over the opposite leg, I’m bringing the knee down over their same-side leg.

      But yeah, I do use the “sliding in to home” analogy when cutting out. That way, I do pretty decently.

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