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"Be gentle, kind and beautiful, yet firm and strong, both mentally and physically." ~Sensei Keiko Fukuda

Monday evening, Feb 10, 2014

on February 11, 2014

Another new woman last night. She’s actually trained before with Josh in Roanoke, and came down with them, but has been away for the last year or so. She says she’ll be back next week with them, too, hurray! And Carly came, though she’d had a university class run over and so came in at the beginning of Open Mat when I was already heading out. (But I’m still glad she came.)

Warmup. Then we rolled a lot, which is unusual for the Fundamentals class, but I don’t think there was anyone brand new. Tim did his usual “One more!” which was really three, maybe four, more.

My brain never really got in the right groove. I could move and do things, but there was zero plan or purpose behind most things. Very flat in the brain waves department, though only a couple of places where I thought, “Well, that was dumb.” (Mostly it was, “Hey, are you gonna do anything here? No? Okay, then, carry on.”) And a few places where I did the wrong thing but immediately recognized it. (Too late to fix, but recognized it, at least.)

Eventually to drilling a half-guard smash pass that Tim likes. That moved right over into the next class, and we finished that off with even more rolling.

We’re expecting snow again tonight/tomorrow, possibly a lot, so I don’t know when/if I’ll get back for training this week.


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