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“Any way I want to?”

on February 4, 2014

The girl who visited last week was back again tonight. And she’s super excited and says this is a whole lot of fun. Hurray! She also tried the Muay Thai class last Wednesday and enjoyed that, too. Also, one of the ladies who comes sometimes brought a friend who also seemed to enjoy class.

Lots of new/newer guys, too. Start of the new semester and all.

Warmup, so I mostly helped the new lady. Then drilling was a slightly longer sequence — mount escape, then other person armbars, then armbar escape to side control. Did that for most of class.

Then at the end, we partnered up for 1-min rounds of mount escape vs. holding mount. I worked with the girl from last week.

She said, “So what do I do?”
“Hold me down.”
“Any way you want to.”
Any way?”
“Any way.”

I dumped her off in about two seconds, and the look on her face was a priceless mixture of awe and consternation. She blinked a few times, then said, “Again,” and dove back on top. She tried to grip tighter, but it went the same. “Again!” Now she started trying to use her knees to grip better. “Again!” Now she started trying to figure out what to do with her arms. “Again!” Every time, she adjusted better and better and tighter and tighter so that by the end I was actually having to work to get out. She was grinning, and I was grinning.

Then we switched, and things again went as well as might be expected. I first just demonstrated how I hold mount while someone thrashes around, then started feeding her my arm for the escape we’d done earlier. Took a bit until she recognized it, but then she was fighting hard for that trap and bridge.

Afterwards she was exhausted, but grinning and even more excited, if that’s possible, lol.

Then the Intermediate/Advanced class started, and we just rolled for almost an hour. Well, I ended up partnerless on the last round and sat out, but I did not mind — I’d already given all the intelligent, semi-intelligent, and less-intelligent grappling that I had, and what remained was simply not going to be pretty.

I didn’t feel as well about my movement and intensity as I had on Saturday, but it wasn’t terrible. Still a higher level that where I was a few months ago. This is one of my goals, to elevate my game consistently. I finally feel as if I’m getting there.

Andrew asked me after class if I was being heavier in side control after the morning class. I said I didn’t think so yet, but I was at least thinking about being heavier when I was in side control, which is a good start.


2 responses to ““Any way I want to?”

  1. mini says:

    “She said, “So what do I do?”
    “Hold me down.””

    Ha! I love this and I’m totally going to steal it the next time I roll with a newbie.

    • leslie says:

      Go right ahead, lol. I figured it was the simplest way to explain it. And it seems like it would be a easy enough thing to do from their perspective, which may have helped fuel her persistence.

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