When your brain wants to train

I woke up abruptly at 5:30 this morning to my brain saying, “I wanna train!”

“That’s great,” I said. “Now go back to sleep.”

Then it woke me at 7:30. “I wanna train!”

“Okay, okay, lemme get coffee.”

Brain actually got more and more excited the closer we got to class time. And then it stayed excited and even stayed “on” during all the rolls, even after my body started saying, “Enough! Surrender!”

Rolled three, was exhausted but happy. Then someone else wanted to roll, so okay. Then another. Then I tried to take a break, but Rob asked to roll because he was partnerless, so okay. Then Buddy looked forlorn, so okay. Now I am tired, and I am done. But I am still happy.

Some days absolutely suck and you wonder if you’ll ever come back. And then some days are wonderful, and you wonder why you would ever stop.

And then, to make a good day even better, when I got home I figured out how to MacGuyver my garage door opener, which had not been working for about two weeks. Ha!


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