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Newbie mob!

on January 28, 2014

Class started out last night with a large number of newbies — including one woman! — and then a group of more new guys walked in during the warmup.

The new woman said she had heard about Brazilian jiu-jitsu, thought it sounded like a good thing to learn, googled for it in our town, and found us. So here she came, and she dove right in.

Warmup. Helped the new woman, though she didn’t need much help — used to do gymnastics, so she was a quick study. (Though it was funny, she had the most trouble on forwards/backwards rolls because they’re not done like normal gymnastics tumbling.)

Then Tim had us all partner up for armbar from the guard. It was almost a one-to-one matchup between new people and experienced (and it was a big class). Gwen and I worked with the new woman. That drilling took most of class to ease all the new folks in.

Tim showed the double armbar from guard, and then we drilled that for the last few minutes of the Fundamentals class. Most of the new folks took off after that class.

Next class, started with drilling a simple over/under butterfly sweep. I use some version of this a lot in my game, but also saw why I sometimes/often fail — I’m letting my back go to the mat, and then trying to sweep. Gotta keep that back off the mat.

Rolling. Gwen, then three purples, and then one more round Marcos. Then Tim tried to joke about “One more round” because he knows I hate it when he says that more than once a night. Nope, just gonna sit down here and hold this wall up. Yep.

I’ve gotten several comments in class the last few days about how I feel lighter. (Pressure is better, they say, but I feel like I actually weigh less.) My scale, however, disagrees with that observation. 😛 There’s a reason I called it “Fat and Lazy December (and January)”…


One response to “Newbie mob!

  1. “One more round…” They much teach that trick in the Top Secret Black Belt Class. My prof likes to drill us till we’re about to die, and yell, “Five more minutes! Five more minutes guys!” Then seven minutes later, he’s yelling “Three more minutes!” Five minutes later, “Only three more minutes, come on guys!”

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