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Two times the fun

on January 21, 2014

Apparently I did not think through this too well — training Monday morning and then training Monday evening means that I will be training twice a day on Mondays. Oh, right…

Fundamentals Class

Warmup. Not too bad, as there were three new/newer guys, so everything was slowed down to teach them the movements.

Then partnered for timed rounds of armbar from guard. Ow, my legs. Then timed rounds of armbar from guard + sweep. There was an odd number, and I ended up without a partner for that one, so I mimed it using the wall as my partner’s hips. Not as easy. I did get to work in a few times with Lauren and Kelly.

Rolling next: two rounds, I think. Then another round of timed armbars from guard.

Intermediate/Advanced Class

Drilling — a helicopter butterfly sweep. Whee! Lauren and I giggled our way through this one because we were both launching each other without intending to.

Three rolls to follow. Okay, now I’m tired… Brain and body were not working together at all for the most part, though they did have some moments where everything came together for just a second or two and some nice jiu-jitsu happened. I was rather stunned when those happened.

But wait there’s more! As he often does, Tim called for one more round after. Z. O. M. G. Janet made a beeline for me, and said that she wants us to roll together at the end of class like this when we’re both exhausted, that it will be good for both of us. This is likely a very wise statement, but it does not change the fact that rolling when you’re this tired — and actually knowing that you have to do something besides getting crushed by some big dude — sucks.

But she’s right, and it was good. My body found some last scraps of energy and my brain, of willpower, and we had a good roll. Now — now I am exhausted. Okay? Done.

It’s snowing!


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