Hello, Morning, my old not-friend

So there are things and stuff going on off the mats that mean I need to change up my training schedule since I need most of my evenings free now. And that means that I have to get up and go to morning classes. Since today is a federal holiday and I have the day off, it seemed as good a time as any to start going and to practice the new morning routine.

So early. So dark. So cooolllddddd.

On the positive side, I got to train with Jen this morning, who I haven’t seen in several months as she can only train in the mornings and I’ve been coming in the evenings.

Short warmup. So creaky. Then we drilled back and forth any half-guard sweep to pass. Well, I could only think of one half-guard pass, but that’s what they’ve been working in the mornings for a month or more now. Andrew pointed out a few things that — once I can remember to do them — should help fix some of the bigger issues I have on that Old School sweep.

Drilling for the day was getting to X-guard from half guard, and then an overview of the sweep options. Main point in getting there is to keep that inside knee/leg active & framed and not let it collapse. Sweeps are a matter of finding where their base is not, and then taking them that way. And keeping your X means you get the pass for free.

My stupid side absolutely refused to figure out how to pull X-guard, so I was stuck drilling only the other side.

With about 10 minutes left in class, we partnered up to roll. Andrew gave us the option of 3 short rolls (to go with everyone there) or one long one (so Jen and I could roll together). We opted for the latter.

The bad news is that I’d forgotten how tough Jen can roll, and I felt overwhelmed and like I was behind a lot. But the good news is that afterwards she commented that I had felt more aggressive & tough myself and that I’d felt like a whole new grappler (in all the good ways). That is great to hear, because means that I’ve integrated some things to the point that I no longer have to think about doing them.


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