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“No, Ronda, no!”

on January 17, 2014

On the one hand, yay, finally Friday! On the other hand, wowza, long week, I’m exhausted. But, off to class we go.

Rounds to warm up. And then another. And then another for good measure. Yep, I’m done.

Drilling — pinch pass.

Then more rounds. (Srsly? Oh, man.) I did have to bail on the last one because I was out of gas and even fumes at that point.

First round, I went for an armbar. My partner yelled out, “No, Ronda, no!” I fell over laughing and did not finish that armbar. “Yes!” he said. “It worked!” (But I did catch the rebound armbar.)

My instructor has informed me that I am being watched and am expected to put in the requisite work and earn my purple belt this year. Y’know, no pressure or anything…


2 responses to ““No, Ronda, no!”

  1. I can’t wait till you get your purple belt, ya big sandbagger. 😉

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