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Up the weight ladder

on January 15, 2014

Hm, maybe writing after class isn’t a good idea: I got home and went full couch-zombie mode. Heh.

Short warmup, ending in a circle with leg circles. Lots and lots of leg circles. All in preparation for continuing butterfly guard.

Short rounds of one-person drilling any butterfly sweep. Of course my brain forgot everything except elevator, since that’s what we’ve been working. Oh well. More practice is good.

Elevator sweep again. (More please!) More “what if…?” scenarios, i.e., how to find the sweep when your partner does something you don’t expect.

Drilling took all of class, then Open Mat. I started out rolling with the smallest guy there, then with a bigger guy, then an even bigger guy, and finally the biggest guy there. How did that–? I don’t even…

Ha, big guy made a joke about “Be gentle with me.” Uh, dude, you’re actually twice my size. There needs be no “gentle” from me to you; you can more than handle the worst I can dish out (cuz it ain’t all that much).


One response to “Up the weight ladder

  1. Sarah says:

    Haha! Been there. 🙂

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