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"Be gentle, kind and beautiful, yet firm and strong, both mentally and physically." ~Sensei Keiko Fukuda

Had a Monday dropped on me

on January 14, 2014

This, this, this. A thousand times this. And there are several other related things that this brings up: taking a break & not feeling guilty; coming back & not feeling guilty; someone coming back & not making them feel guilty; someone coming back & allowing them to ease back in; understanding even non-break-taking training partner’s priorities (that is, BJJ might not be #1 — or not even in the top 10 — and that’s okay, too). Yes, there’s a common theme here of “no guilt”, and I think that’s important from all sides, both for the taker-offer and for the ones who continued to train. Not everyone has the same priorities or makes the same choices, and I think shouldn’t hold everyone else to our own standard or priorities.

Work dropped stuff on my desk at 4:55pm yesterday. Then I left my keys in the building and had to go back. Then my contacts wouldn’t go in right — and then they finally did, and halfway to class one of them let me know that it was still in wrong. So I was late.

Was still getting dressed during the first half of the warmup (and then fixing my contact). But the second half was more than enough to gas me out. (See, I took a break. Need some easing back in.)

Several new guys last night, so we moved straight over to drilling. Elevator sweep again, then later added the armbar. Drilling took the rest of the Fundamentals class and over in to most of the Intermediate class.

Two rounds to finish up, and then Open Mat. I was so wimpy and whiney, but figured I needed to get some more work in so that I could start getting back up to speed (because if I only did what I felt like doing, I’d still be at home on the couch), so rolled twice more. Well, one and just over a half, as I hadn’t noticed that Tyler was available until almost halfway through the first round while I debated with myself about continuing to train.

My brain, at least, seems to be working, though it is also being kind to me and, while it points out everything that’s wrong, it also mentions that we can work on it later. Thanks, brain.

After so long off, I’ve forgotten about updating this blog. I seem to be remembering later in the next day; maybe for a while I’ll start updating after class while my brain is still working.


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