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“Hey, I know you!”

on January 8, 2014

I’m in the parking lot of the academy last night, at the back (which is not well-lit), getting my gear bag out of my car. Because the academy is in a commercial building on Main Street, there are several other businesses in the same building and nearby buildings. That is, lots of random people.

I hear a man say, “Hey, I know you. Hey! I know you.” I don’t recognize the voice. I glance over, and I don’t recognize the car he’s getting out of, or the outline of the guy or the way he moves as he starts to walk towards me.

Honestly, though, my only thought was, “Well, this might be fun.”

But then when he got close enough — and when I could see his face among all the layers of clothing (because it was cold!) — it was only Ze Guillaume, back visiting from California. (Though why you’d want to come from California to a below-freezing Virginia is beyond me.)

He’s training with Sean Roberts out there, and their game is apparently exactly the way Guillaume wants to move. His game has always been kind of loose and flippy, completely at odds with the more straightforward smashy style we typically play, so that he often seemed to be fighting himself; but now that he’s in an environment that plays the way he moves, he moves so much better and with less hesitation and more pressure. So that’s good. He and Justin played around with exchanging moves before and after class last night.

Class: Rolling to warm up again. Holy moly I hurt, lol. Did get to start with Guillaume, and so got to see his new game. Then drilling a half-guard sweep, followed by more rounds until I was too tired to continue.

I’m so tired that I can’t really remember more than that, lol. I do know that I had to talk myself into remembering my new theme of “If it’s done right, it’s not mean” with one of the women and one of the teenagers — but I did remember and I did do it right.

Yesterday and today I woke up so sluggishly. All during my vacation, my brain would wake me up well before the alarm went off and bounce and want to play or clean or just be awake; yesterday and today, I think I could have slept another four hours easily. So I am apparently getting more tired from BJJ than I have ever realized. Guess I need to really focus on getting to bed early on those nights so I don’t get so behind on my sleep.

Also — sore today! It finally caught up with me.


2 responses to ““Hey, I know you!”

  1. Darqnezz says:

    One thing that I’ve found out is that you have to make sure your fuel intake coincides with your activity level. That could explain the sluggishness.

    • leslie says:

      Also could be that. And I ate junk food for 3 weeks (and haven’t improved much yet — scones & bagels & chocolate for breakfast!!), so, yeah. Probably a little bit of everything.

      It was just a big change from “Wheeeeee!!!! It’s vacation!” brain to “ZOMG, it can’t be time to get up yet” brain, lol.

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