I regret nothing

Happy New Year!

Nearly three weeks of vacation from almost everything. I ate everything, and I didn’t — and still don’t — feel guilty about it at all. I stayed warm, got things done, got things started, read a lot, visited folks. I like it.

But going back was hard to do last night, and was not helped by the fact that it’s frigid here, with wind that makes it even colder. Do not want to go outside…

Rolling to warmup. I just focused on moving, since I haven’t done very much of that in the last few weeks. And hey, look, I remember how to move for jiu-jitsu. I even remembered some things, though later realized that I’d missed important parts of it. That was the theme of the night for me, though — remember some, forget a lot. Also themes: no cardio and grips shot early. Heh.

Drilled a guard break for a long while which was good because it got me thinking about jiu-jitsu and leverage and pressure and all those things, but in a low-key way.

Couple more rounds after that. I had to sit after two or three because I had more enthusiasm than energy (and even my enthusiasm was waning). Doh.

So tired this morning. The pain will come later (thanks, DOMS), but for now I’m just exhausted and bruised. Welcome back to jiu-jitsu. 😉


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